Do It For Them

Do It For Them
Seven reasons worth fighting for-Ben, Hannah, Emma, Molly, Katie, Grace, and Jack

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things that go SPLAT!

This is the new Blog to chronicle Duane and families fight against colon cancer. Please visit here anytime to see how we are fighting one of the hardest battles of our lives.

I'm starting to believe that humor along with a great chocolate is the best way to get through lifes little challenges. Last night was Duane's first night back on full blown chemo, and HELLO it hit him with a Splat! So I decided to list all the things that went Splat! yesterday.

1. Duane's barf hitting the toilet
2. The news of cancer spreading to Duane's bone
3. No real concrete reason for jaundice
4. A bug on the windshield(don't you love when fireflies hit, they glow for a while)
5. Emma playing in the dog water

But despite all the sorrow I felt yesterday let me list all the many people who brought joy and tenderness to my spirit.

1 My mom

2. My sister Meg and her husband Ben

3. Duane's parents

4. My grandparents

5. Jen

6. Jessie

7. Lisa

8. Debbie

9. Corey and Kori

10. Joni

11. Lindsay

12. Heidi

13. Heidi

14. Sarah

15. Bobbi Jo

16. Pam and The Dance Pointe family

17. and my sweet babies Molly

18. Ben

19. Katie

20. Jack

21. Grace

22. Hannah

23. And Miss Em

I know I'm missing so many more, but thank you to everyone who showed love for the Summers Clan. Duane and I plan on posting here for a very long time.


Lisa said...

I know the splats hit harder than we do. Keep doing what you are doing and we will help you all through to the other side!

Cindy said...

My dearest daughter, I love the picture of you and Duane. Other's get to see what I've seen for the past 16 years. Your's is a rare and precious relationship; you are truly blessed to be able to know that kind of love.

BUT...I do want a copy of that in a 5x7 or at least a 4x6 for my table.

wedogmomma said...

As I snooped back through your blog....having hopped over from J. Peterson's neighborhood....I had to read it ALL and I'm so enamored with your humor, courage and the obvious love that surrounds you.
Thank God for glimmers of hope and measures of joy in the midst of your trial.
Please know that there is a lover of Jesus praying for you in California tonight. Let the fullness of His love pave your road when the potholes seem too deep.