Do It For Them

Do It For Them
Seven reasons worth fighting for-Ben, Hannah, Emma, Molly, Katie, Grace, and Jack

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do it for Her

We were avid Simpson watchers years back, yes even the my three oldest. Was that a collective gasp I just heard? What can I say I'm a motherly work in progress. The turning point for the Summers/Simpson divorce was a tragic day Molly decided to literally ring Ben's neck, good 'ol Homer, such a great role model. But before our part one particular episode has touched Duane in a way we never imagined. Homer finds himself having to go back to work at the nuclear plant which he absolutely loathes! To help remind himself why he's there, Homer created a collage of Maggie over the note Mr. Burns left him. It simply states DO IT FOR HER.

This last week of chemo and the newest battle with cancer, has Duane thinking the same thoughts, DO IT FOR THEM. I know he doesn't enjoy the pain, nausea, fatigue. I know he wants to participate in the children's activities, go out on a date with his beautiful :) bride, even do dishes. He fights for us! And I admire him for that.


theresa said...

I LOVE that episode of the Simpsons. I actually cried the first time I saw it. Yes, we, too, are closet Simpson fans. We haven't made a break yet, but now we watch them on dvd so we can do a little creative editing, if you know what i mean! Go, team Duane!! We're cheering for you!

jhaden1 said...

everyday know that we are thinking of you. You are our Super Man

Ms F
the dance pointe

Cindy said...

I was thinking about Hannah with this (although I guess it should be Emmy)installment. Her sitting next to Duane and proclaiming "Daddy, you are SuperMAN!" What innocence and what wisdom in that sentence. He has become a hero in our eyes and it is astonishing what he's doing for you guys! Go Team Summers!

theresa said...

Great song addition, Becky. Still praying, cheering, thinking of you all!!!!

ann said...

Becky-It was so great to see Duane yesterday afternoon, even if he is yellow. We pray for him daily and think of all of you often. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. And when the girls are there late at dance, I will bring them home- anytime. Ann

Sally said...

We were banned from watching the Simpsons when I was a kid and never picked it up as an adult so unfortunately I didn't se that episode. Duane is such an inspiration. What a lucky girl you are.

Lisa said...

A true hero!

Nicole said...


I've been "spying" on your blog(s) for a while. I always admired your family. I want you to know that you are all in my toughts and prayers. Why is it the strongest families that get to deal with the Kryptonite? Maybe that is because He knowes YOU are the ones that can make it through! Miss you all.

FarmGirl said...

You are all in my prayers. Go Team Summers!!