Do It For Them

Do It For Them
Seven reasons worth fighting for-Ben, Hannah, Emma, Molly, Katie, Grace, and Jack

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Friday, September 26, 2008

Me and My Gang

Hello boys, it's been so long since we were last in the same breathing space. I really had a fantastic time, despite the nosebleed I received from the section I was sitting in. You still had me hook, line and sinker. Taylor Swift, great choice on your opening act, she's a sickeningly talented and beautiful 18 year old. Oh and the fireworks and balloon drop, perfect 10 guys! But what I really want to say is Thank You! Thank you for giving Duane, Molly and I for a brief moment the ability to forget about Cancer! Thank you for giving my sister and her husband the opportunity to socialize with us at something other than a family dinner. Thank you boys for the tears, laughs, and the intense soar throat.
Gary your ability to sing and touch so many lives is a true gift from our Father in Heaven. Stand, from the first night coming home from the hospital, when Duane was diagnosed, has been our families "song". I remember it like it was yesterday. We were driving home, the 7 monkeys and I, all quiet, devastated that dad could not come home from the hospital and that he had almost unbeatable odds of surviving this cancer. I turned on the newest album from you guys and the first song was Stand. We sang at the top of our lungs and all cried, but we had a song to rally our spirits, a song to help us when we needed to get mad, to get strong, wipe our hands, shake it off, and STAND! Thank you.
Joe Don what can I say bud, your the cutest member of my gang. I loved your devotion to your family last night. Thank you for being a cute, hot, rock star, but a son, brother, husband and father also. Thank you.
Dude, you made me laugh! What a great shout out you made in my names honor. Although I have to say I did not call all my girlfriends last night and tell them to wear their tight britches. Sorry. Jay, thank you for the laugh, it's such a release! Thank you.
Keep playing, keep coming to our next of the woods, and I'll keep paying 70+ bucks to breathe in the same space as my gang.


This Girl said...

Wasn't it a great show??? I was so impressed! I'm so glad you were able to go!

This Girl said...

I had a friend from OKC call at the last minute with three free tickets on the front row of the lower section opposite the stage. They were great seats, I was very very lucky! Plus I got to hang out with friends I don't get to see every day which made it even more fun :)

Cathy said...

Hi Becky
Just happened across your blog from another blog. Enjoyed reading about you and your family. Great looking bunch of kids! 7 kids...WOW !

I'll check back often to see how you and hubby are doing. Prayers will be with all of you.

Take care

Jennifer P. said...

I have been meaning to get over here for some time now. My heart just goes out to you. I pray for the cure of cancer on almost a daily basis. It has effected far too many people I love!

I will for sure be a follower from now on.

Hang in there and know some (more!) prayers are going up in your behalf.

With love,
~Jennifer P.

CageyB said...

Hey there Becky! Beautiful blog... as your mom used to say, (maybe she still does?), it's "happysad". I'm so glad she sent me the link. We feel so helpless on this end, but we know our prayers do not go unheard. Please know there are many people sending up lots of prayer flares for Duane, you and your darling children! Including many from cheeseheads you've never met. ;-)

I'm so proud of you.

Keep on keepin' the faith.......


Aunt Karen

Meaghan said...

Wow what a great looking family! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and all the supportive comments you have left. Have you thought about joining the blog site I featured today? its a pretty supportive group of people and as a care giver you need support! Your role in fighting cancer is so difficult! I often felt those around me went through more struggles than me. Its so hard to watch someone you love suffer, support them, advocate for them, laugh with them, cry, fight, heal, the list goes on and on. You are the one that your husband relies on, your family looks to. When people want to know how your husband is feeling you are the one who has to answer. You deserve a huge pat on the back! I think you would benefit greatly by joining a group of other care givers.

I always smile when i see a comment from you, thank you for that!


theresa said...

Do you still like me even though I admitted to you that I didn't know who Rascal Flats is? This was a great post. I'm glad Duane enjoyed it. It was nice to see him Saturday, even though he should have been watching, not out there being a party dad!!!

A Mom for McCain said...

Hey, Becky I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog...just blog hopping, I guess. But I want you to know I will pray for your husband tonight. In 2005, just two weeks after the birth of my NINTH baby, and two days after a car crash that claimed my 20 year old brother's life, I was handed a diagnosis of cancer too.

I guess you know the end of the story because I'm writing this in 2008, but it wasn't easy and there were many days I feared heavily and cried a lot. Our God is strong enough to carry me through my doubt, so when I couldn't handle it anymore, I handed it over to Him and He carried it for me.

I underwent 6 months of chemotherapy, rough stuff, lost all my hair, a lot of confidence but none of my faith. The day the doctor spoke the words "you are in remission" it was like I was born again.

I hugged him.

I don't take life lightly these days. I love my family fiercely as I can tell you love yours. You just tell your husband there's a mom out there praying for him ....and you tonight. God bless. Please pray for me too.

ThriftyDecorChick said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog, your comment was so incredibly sweet. Yes, we LIVE in our home, we LOVE it and it is NEVER perfect! I took my stepdaugher and her friends to RF a couple years ago when I was pregnant. We had the worst seats but it was the BEST concert I've ever been to!! God bless you and your family!