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Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cancer version of Chocoholics Anonymous

Chemo can do a number on your appetite. Your body needs calories to keep it going as the drugs interupt the cell cycle of cancer. It's an interesting dilema that Duane has found himself in twice now. He has to eat! He dosen't want to eat! He wants to BARF!
A former co-worker gave Duane this handy recipe for chemo patients trying to cram as much calories and nutrition into there bodies before they can't stomach another bite. And so I submit for your envy of the pure creaminess that Duane has to force down everyday...
Chocolate Breakfast Shake
1 package Carnation Instant Breakfast, chocolate of course
1 cup ice cream, Duane's personal fav cookies and cream
1/2 c half and half or chocolate milk or chocolate Ensure
Put into blendar. pour into a nice looking glass, insert a straw for cold sensitivity, threaten him if he doesn't finish all his breakfast and kiss him all over.


Cindy said...

Wow, I never knew the actual recipe for his shakes, sounds like a recipe that could make me even FATTER! I love you guys sooooo much and you know that you can call me anytime, anywhere and I'll be there.

Lisa said...

Yummy! Go Duane go!

Quin's momma said...

Becky, LOVE the picture of you and Duane over on the sidebar. I got tears in my eyes just looking at it. I love to see how in love you are with Duane....I can tell that just by looking at you in that picture! :)

Syndi said...


I just got the news and my heart aches for one of my oldest and dearest friends. It really put my trials in perspective today and I thank you for making me have a reality check. I know you are strong and a fighter... just wish I was closer so when you need to fall a little I could be there to catch you. I love you and your family so much. You are always in my prayers.


Sally said...

That shake sounds really really good. I'm a big fan of carnation instant breakfast. I hope he can keep it down.

theresa said...

Duane may not know it, but he is my hero, too. I feel proud just to know him. Before the cancer and mayhem, I remember watching you two together in stolen moments and being in awe of your affection for one another. STAY STRONG!!! BOTH of you!!!!

Mary Anderson said...

Thanks for putting this on blog - Duane really is a superman!! Becky, you have always been one of my idols as you care for my kids with ease and now I watch you do the same with your own as well as a very ill husband. The love is electrifying between you and Duane - thanks for posting that cute picture. Give him a hug for me. Please call me for anything anytime. Love you both.