Do It For Them

Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flip Flops

I have always felt like a fairly concrete person. When I form an opinion, most of the time I stick with that opinion.
I will never change my gender, religion, political preference or my extreme love of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.
My family will always be my number one love and Chuck Norris for some reason will always give me the willies.
Harry Potter will never be replaced by Pride and Prejudice(books and movies), watermelon can never be topped by cantaloupe, and Clay Aiken will NEVER beat Michael Buble.

Cancer on the other hand has brought a whole new substance to my life. Not so much solid anymore. Cancer has become the cornstarch and water experiment in my life, it can't decide whether to be a solid or a liquid, or other words it's a pair of funky Flip Flops.

  • Cancer has brought us such pain/yet such peace
  • One day he's barfy/one day he's going into work for a few hours
  • I will shed tears one hour/laugh and smile the next
  • I hate that Duane stays home/but love to be spending such quality time with him
  • My children can be a hardship/but never know how much joy they bring to my life
  • A fire to fight burns in his soul/but a cold pain weakens his body
  • I hate Chemo/ I love Chemo


theresa said...

Just want to let you know....your flip flops may be funky, but you are wearing them very well.

Lisa said...

I get what you're saying. John 14:27

Ronnica said...

Beautifully written.

"Cut from the same egg sac" - hehe. I actually used that (properly quoted, of course) in my post today. Thanks for joining me in my fun day yesterday!