Do It For Them

Do It For Them
Seven reasons worth fighting for-Ben, Hannah, Emma, Molly, Katie, Grace, and Jack

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Friday, October 10, 2008


Why is reality so blunt and honest? When it was time to pick up the three elementary monkey's Duane was feeling the need to leave the house and decided to come with. Jack was the first one to comment "Dad you must have a lot of energy, you left the house!". Grace was next "Dadda are you feeling better, you came with Mommy?". And last was Katie as she entered the car, "Wow, Dad, you have energy today, you left the house!"
It's a definite YES, the kids feel it, see it, they are so keenly aware that cancer is an energy sucker. Dad doesn't do front handsprings anymore(yes he really could do those a year ago). Dad doesn't jump on the trampoline like he did 3 months ago. Dad does read to the monkeys, Candy Shop Wars is now complete(took all stinkin' summer)! Grace will get her book-it coupon for the month, thanks Dad. Homework has a patient new tutor(yippee for Ben).
It's an adjustment for all of us. It has some drawbacks, but we can find our silver lining. Right? We are all rooting Daddy on so someday soon we can see that flip on the trampoline, underdoggies, and maybe a monkey impersonation(maybe).


Lindsay said...

It was a beautiful day to get outside sky and cool breezes...aaahhh!

theresa said...

So sweet...your little ones are anxious to get their "dancin' dad" back, i'm sure. So, how were those peanut butter fudge brownies?

Cindy said...

Don't forget the flip over the above ground swimming pool that took your breath away. I'm glad the Ritalin is giving him some energy. We remember to pray many times a day for him. Love you!

WheresMyAngels said...

Becky, I just got home from the hospital and decided to read a few of my comments (I'm still a little doped up, lol).
I'm so sorry to hear about your husbands cancer. We know how scary that is, as my husbands family has a long history of it. We lost his Grandmother and his mom's sister just this year(they were dx very late). In fact my husband has his first colonastopy scheduled for tomorrow. He is only 29, but we know how important it is now and I wish his mother and siblings would do the same. My prayers will be with your family. When I have a long nap and get these drugs out of my system, I will be back to read more.

CageyB said...

Between this entry and the Real Americans entry-- speechless w/ uber huge lump in my throat.


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky, I just found your blog through SITs. You have a beautiful family.

We will definitely be keeping your husband in our prayers.

Gaspegirl said...

Wow... seven beautiful children - what a blessing! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and you are welcome back anytime!