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Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chemo Wednesday-Well, that was fun!

My Grace. From the time I was a teenager I knew I would have a daughter named Grace. I love that name, it was my great grandma's name. Grace is my sweet, corky, emotional 6 year old. I love her to pieces.
I love her fashion sense. So keen, so trendy. The Converse, Tinkerbell socks and chicken legs are a must have for the latest fall fashions.
I love her smile, my Mona Lisa.
Let me share with you how this child scared the HOLY GUACAMOLE out of me tonight after we came home from chemo.
But first I need to back up, rewind, and let you in on the happenings at chemo today.
The room where Duane receives chemo is a large room filled with comfy recliners, IV poles and pumps and lots of busy nurses. Two chairs down a woman was receiving her chemo treatment, her 10th I believe. All of a sudden(this was all within a 5 minute period) she became unresponsive, her blood pressure bottom out, her doctor became flushed and frantic, and emsa came. I do have to admit to completely and totally loosing all composure. I spent the next hour in the car trying to stop the tears. It was horrible, just so sad to see someone, we now know, apparently have either a stroke or throw a clot or something like that.
So that pretty much sent me into a big slump, I tend to worry unnecessarily about that happening to my loved ones, especially Duane. So all afternoon when he would fall asleep I would either shake him awake, rub his ankle or pat his leg. I did not want to see that happen to my guy.
Well we get home, Duane is extremely exhausted, nauseous, sore, and just plan old pooped! He heads upstairs to rest and hopefully get a little shuteye without me waking him up. I'm doodling about my business, giving all my babies hugs, chasing Hannah, listening to Katie talk about HSM3(if you don't know what this is GOOD!), when the above child comes downstairs to tell me what Daddy is doing.
Grace: giggling "Mommy! Daddy is Frozen! His eyes are open and he's not moving!"
Me: "WHAT!"
Grace: still giggling "He's Frozen, he is laying in bed not moving with his eyes open."
At this point I think I might have pushed her aside(sorry Grace), ran upstairs, I did hear her yell "He's not dead mom!" and I rushed into our bedroom to see Duane laying on the bed with his eyes half open. My heart sank, he was dead, I just knew it. So I shook him, if the flushed doctor could do it I could, right? Poor Duane, who is obviously not dead, he's never going to sleep again, at least until he learns to close his eyes all the way!


Kori said...

Oh I know those chairs and the chaos of it all to well. The smell is what gets me. I don't know why but it does.

That would scare me to. So glad Duane was Ok and that Grace knew to tell you he wasn't a goner.

I also love her Tink socks.

Cindy said...

I must admit that I had a great laugh when I read your account of the day. Having been an eye witness and participant in the panic (because, I was on your heels running up those stairs.) I can attest to the fact that you did brush the child aside and moved faster than I have EVER seen you move in your life. Now (not then) it is quite funny. *sigh* We need to make some cookies, I've eaten all the homemade granola bars tonight. I should never have passed on my need to emotional eat. We need shortbread cookies, or maybe chocolate chip, or...oh heck, we need cookies!

KoryLCorey said...

Oh Becky I am so sorry that you had such an emotional day. I would be the same way, I am right now with the kids at night. I have to see breathing before I can fall asleep. But I also sleep with my eyes half open and Corey says it is really freaky. Hopefully you are doing ok and recovering from your shocks!!

theresa said...

Nothing like a good old fashioned adrenoline boost to get you moving! I agree, cookies are needed! Tell Duane to get some rest (if he can) and enjoy this dance free 5 days. By the way, Grace is awesome!

Bobbi Jo said...

Oh my goodness. That would scare the tar out of me to say the least. I can't totally understand what you are going through but some of it I do and I can understand the love you feel for your sweet Duane. Be strong and have faith. Keeping you in my prayers and adding you to the prayer roll. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

SuZ said...

Oh my, you scared me there... Whoosh.

Quin's momma said...

I totally feel your panic there. THe first thing I do when I walk into a room is look at chests rising and falling. I'm working right now in a Chemo giving environment- and it is kinda scary when people have reactions....not to mention other things.

angie said...

YOu have a beautiful family. I think I would have FREAKED out in your situation too. Sounds like you are managing all that you have on your plate beautifully. I have a Grace too. ANd ShE doesn't close her eyes all the way either when she sleeps. It's freaky. :) I'm so glad you stopped by.

Sally said...

I bet you are just exhausted after a day like that. Crying always makes me want to sleep.

Yaya said...

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry for your scare. Glad to hear he's okay.

WheresMyAngels said...

She is beautiful.

How horrible for you. I would of been having a heart attack myself hearing something like that.

Prayers for your husband. Prayers also for you family.

Erin said...

Gracie Lacie is the unexplainable child of yours!!!! She is everything in one little body!!! She is the cookiest!!!! She is adorable tho!!! Give everyone my love(even Gracie Lacie, and Katie ladie)