Do It For Them

Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Friday, October 17, 2008

Keep it up! (acutally down)

With all the commotion of Wednesday we didn't get Duane's complete number count for the liver, bili rubin, and CEA(cancer protein). Do you like the arrow? ME TOO! Everything went in a downward motion, like a turtle, but still down. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess? Why can't the rabbit win for once already. Anyway his bili rubin is around 26(it likes to count by 2's apparently). 2 of the 3 liver functions again when in the right direction. And finally the CEA went down to 46 from 51, I think it's back to where it was. I wish I could say Duane was feeling better, but today was extremely hard on him. He didn't even come downstairs until 3:00 or so. Broken record time, Cancer Sucks!


Jennifer P. said...

oh my how it does ever suck! Your husband is the third person I "know"--young and healthy--dealing with this. It just doesn't seem fair. I pray on a regular basis for the cure for cancer. It has effected far, far too many lives.

Prayers still going up in your behalf.

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your story :) Come again! I will have to read your blog when I have more time. Do you really have 7 kids?!

Katrina said...

You sound like you have a wonderful family and husband as well as yourself being such! Prayers and blessing to you!

Michelle Sybert said...

Becky, I am a uterine cancer survivor and the nurses at my gyn-oncologist office all wear "Cancer sucks" t-shirts.

It made me feel like even though THEY didn't have cancer, they were in the fight with me

thanks for stopping my blog and leaving such nice words!