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Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Real America

I've just finished surfing and suffering through a few pinheaded blogs that absolutely made my blood boil. Deep Breath Becky, Deep Breath!! Political season is upon us, and no, I will not spew my views about health care, women's rights or which party is at fault for the latest economic disaster, but tell you that out there in the REAL America people are not divided by political parties, they are brought together by compassion and love.

Out in the REAL America neighbors bring sacks of food from a neighborhood block party to a family unable to attend.

Out in the REAL America groups of teenagers ages 12-17 help a family complete tasks left unfinished because the family is having a difficult time.

Out in the REAL America friends can talk, laugh, cry and love each other despite differences in political views.

Love drives the REAL Americans.

This past week our family has been so moved and touched by REAL acts of kindness, REAL love, REAL service that my heart could have possibly busted with emotions.

Wednesday, you know chemo Wednesday, the youth of our church came to our house and provided such acts of service, kindness and love that I was moved to tears. I didn't even count the amount of young men and young women that were at our home, but in an hours time our very messy, very packed garage was completely cleaned out, re-organized and dejunked! It was amazing. The young women entered our home and swept, dusted, cleaned mini-blinds that had never been cleaned, and bailed out several of the little monkeys from their messy rooms. Often you hear of selfish, rude and uncaring teenagers, I can tell you genuinely goods teens do exists, and they truly do want to serve our Father in Heaven.

Saturday we received a knock on the door, expecting one of the neighbor kids wanting one of my monkeys, but were surprised by a faintly familiar set of faces. Two gentlemen that live just around the corner from us, which I had never met or talked to before, but had seen walking, gardening, etc., stop by with armfuls of food! What a shock, to say the least. Through the grapevine they had heard that maybe we wouldn't be able to attend the neighborhood block party. So they brought it to us. We were stunned and humbled. Strangers really to us were so giving, so caring, REAL Americans.

I would never wish cancer on anyone. It pains every part of your being, but cancer has opened my eyes, it has made me see more into what matters most. I do wish everyone could experience the love we have felt over the past week. REAL Americans caring for each other, I have seen that, I have felt that. I pray that everyone can find what it means to be a REAL American, without the cancer.


Cindy said...

That essay on "real americans" sounds as if it could be straight from a movie lot or a broadway play. You moved me to tears and made me so incredibly proud of how graciously you are enduring to the end.

Well done. If I were in an audience listening to that, I would give you a standing ovation. Instead, all I have to offer is my undying love and true and genuine motherly pride.

We will see this through. You are not alone, our Heavenly Father is in every kind act, every kind word and every gentle touch of your friends, neighbors, family and especially your beloved Duane and monkeys.

Now, to dry the tears, I must go watch the coloring zealot.

This Girl said...

Becky, beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. You're writing is always so rich, I enjoy your blogs tremendously. I'm so happy for you that chemo Wednesday (usually not a nice day) had a very nice thing happen with the youth from your church helping you around the house. Cheers to kids!! Cheers to love and compassion! Cheers to you and your loved ones!

theresa said...

Becky, that is so cool! I had tears again...happy tears this time. Your church teens sound amazing! What a blessing about the block party. I agree whole heartedly about the political posts. I am most tired of "celebrities" telling me who to vote for. Pu-Leeeze. Leo and George are awfully cute, but I don't care in the slightest who they endorse for president. Shut up and act/sing/whatever you are paid to do. I will now step off of my soap box.

ps-I love your mom!

Erin said...

becky you are totally right! People dont realize what we really are!!! And trust me I am with you on the whole teens and everything I go to school with teens like that and it drives me nuts!! They cant even do a simple sink full of dishes! We were raised with just about the same political views (my dad and your mom are to much alike lol) but anyways we were raised to help others in their time of need. Do what we were told to do. And always obey! That is not this world today! I am afriad to see what is still ahead! And just remember I am always here when you need me! Even though I will not able to see you till thanksgiving... We can still talk! Anytime you just need some one to talk to and let everything out I am a great listener and a great funny blog poster or email giver! Trust me I have been told this many times!!!

Love and prayers

randi---i have to say said...

I LOVE this post! What a blessing to see people come together and help when you need it most. God is so good!