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Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordful Wednesday- Keeping Sanity

We've had A LOT of birthdays to celebrate this past month and A LOT of tears, happiness, and much needed craziness! The first picture was the French Silk Oreo Cake we made to celebrate Duane's life. It was divine, and a needed chocolate boost. This was his all time favorite cake, so simple, but kicked up a notch to make it special. We celebrated his life and enjoyed our time remembering a pretty awesome Dad.
Katie was another birthday we celebrated, but it was her spontaneity and craziness that brought a bit of sanity to the roller coaster ride we've been on. After Duane's birthday it became just a tad low, well low may not describe it enough, how about crying at the drop of a hat. Dumbo, Daddy Daughter Dances, letters from first graders, even Mountain Dew made me cry. Katie Rose is my nut head, I never dreamed her ability to bust out in song, talk little crazy talk, and dancing a jig would bring peace to my heart.

Molly's was the final b-day celebrated, and possibly the hardest for me. I hope she had a wonderful day, I tried to create and atmosphere of love and happiness, but memories of my first born and the day I became a mom just crowded my brain. Duane and I were ecstatic to be blessed with Molly as our first born. She brought joy to us and created a bond between us no other child could have, that's the one special trait of your first born. But again to cut through the tears that I shed she brought flashes of "take me to your leader earthling" and "nanoo nanoo". I needed her goofiness, we all needed the goofiness.

I never dreamt that laughter and craziness would help in keeping sanity.

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jori-o said...

I'm glad that you all have each other to share both the pain and the JOY with each other. And make silly, wacky, funny memories together! =)

angie said...

I second Jori's comment......and have to tell you that the cake made my mouth start to salivate! :)

BoufMom9 said...

What a beautiful post.
You are such an honest and loving person and so wondefonderful with words.
Laughter is the absolute BEST medicine!

Susan said...

I agree that it is a beautiful post. And glad to hear you making more memories. The cake looks awesome.

Sally said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been by the last two weeks to help you out. I'm so glad you had some happy thoughts though to help you through the tears. I so want some of that cake!!!

Lisa said...

Hang in there girlfriend. You are doing GREAT!

Jennifer P. said...

still so in awe of your courage. Love seeing the smiles too!

Brenda said...

That BD cake looks amazing!