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Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prayer and Hope, Hope and Prayer

I could stare at the picture all day, I love seeing Duane with his little ducklings all lined up in a row. Today is a scary day for us. The procedure to open up the bile duct is being done this morning, and it's not the procedure itself that is making me nervous but the outcome or lack there of. We were cautioned yesterday that this procedure very likely may not help the liver as we thought that it would. The fluid build up may not be affected at all. It was a bitter pill to swallow hearing those words, I have the puffy swollen eyes this morning to prove it. But as I prayed for words from my Father in Heaven to comfort my aching heart, all I could hear in my mind was the blessings Duane has received from 3 separate priesthood holders. I know my Father in Heaven speaks to us in many ways, I will cling to these words of comfort. So today I will pray and hope for that miracle in which we need to keep my love, my life, my Superman here with us.


This Girl said...

Becky, my prayers are with ALL of you this morning.

Lindsay said...

Becky, my heart aches for you and my prayers are with you and your sweet family! You may not feel it but you are a beautiful example of strength and faith to me! Hope on!

theresa said...

Becky and Duane, our family is lifting yours up in fervent prayer today (and always). This is not the best news, but they wouldn't do the procedure if they believed it to be futile. Duane has beaten so many odds; it isn't over!!! We will be strong for you. Please let us know how today goes and if there is anything we can do to help.

SwissMiss0404 said...

hello, i don't know you, came over from angie's blog at KEEP BELIEVING from your post to her and her husband brian. i am praying for you and your husband. what a beautiful family you have, and what a strong person you obviously are. best to you all,

Marjo said...

Hi Becky,
I will try this one more time,having a hard time sending this message. you don't know me, I came across your comment on Angie and Brian's blog.So I had to check out your site. What a beautiful family you have.
Believing that today many prayers will be answered for Duane, that the peace that surpasses all understanding flows through him, we speak peace in the eye of the storm in the organs, for them to be restored and function the way they were created to work. The blood of Jesus bringing Duane blood back to balance.
Becky I stand with you in prayer, that we will get to see the Glory of the Lord, Proclaiming his greatness to all the world, the miracle of healing total restoration, to have husband and Dad around for a very long time
God bless Marjo

Bobbi Jo said...

Heavenly Father does give us miracles daily. Keep up the faith and remember all of us love you and are praying for Duane. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

theresa said...

Not for one minute will we give up hope. Not for one minute.

Lisa said...

I don't know what to say Becky. Duane and you are going through so much and I really wish I could take it all away. Hang in there.

Erin said...

Dad just told me! And You are all in my prayers!!! There is still a chance for a miracle!!!! I love you and Duane and the kids very much!!!! My heart breaks to just know you guys have to go through this!!!! I have been crying ever since Dad told me!!! But, we just have to pray and hope!!!! If you need anything just call!!!! If you need someone to talk to just call, or even if Molly needs someone to talk to!!! Just have her call me!!! 1-815-973-8181 Anytime day or night!!!!! I love you guys!!! Just hang in there!!!!

Love and prayers

Tracy said...

What a beautiful picture, I know you'll forever treasure it...