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Do It For Them
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Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Husband, Father, Son, Our Superman

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dada's shoes-Emma's Wordful Wednesday

Instinctively all little girls develop a passion for shoes. I've watched tickled as each one of my ladies have gone through the phase of clopping around in overgrown shoes. If they're lucky they get to wear some hip high heels from there aunt, or maybe it's a comfy day and a pair of Mommas crocs. But little Miss Emma, having been thrusted into a different toddlerhood than most has developed her love of Dada's shoes. His Nike's have become her stomping around in favorites, so I thought.
Until I decided to put some of Duane's shoes away in the closet. His shoes are not just a fun experience, not just her shoe obsession. They are her comfort, her little thing that keeps normalcy in check. And why shouldn't she cling onto something like that, I do! I've kept his coats in the same spot, razor, robe, just random thing he left before he passed away. So the afternoon she said angrily "Dada's shoes, momma, Dada's shoes!" I instantly knew that his church shoes, which were placed in the closet, were to be put back on the treadmill for my sweet 20 month old to sit next to, touch, even tromp around in. And there they will stay for Emma and I, finding comfort in a little thing like Dada's shoes.

Thanks Angie for hosting Wordful Wednesday at Seven Clown Circus.


Amy said...

How cute. My little one is the same way. Any shoe she can get in makes her smile. I am doing a Round Robin on Friday April 10th. I will post about this event later on this afternoon if you want to join in. All you have to do is share something fun on your blog like a craft idea, maybe a meal, a tip. Have a great day.

jori-o said...

Aww, sweet baby! Clomp around Emma! Clomp around!

Erin said...

Aww... That is so cute!!! Now I am in tears again!! I thought I was done with tears looking at your blog!!! I love ya Becky!!!!

Love, hugs, and misses you guys!

Quin's momma said...

I think it's absolutely precious that Emma needs her Dada's shoes there, where she KNOWS they're supposed to be. I think it's great that she let you know to put them back. What a smart little girl.

Brenda said...

Ahh, that is sweet, so glad you still have those around for him

Mariel said...

Wow, what a bunch of beautiful kids you have! Just stumbled on your blog, hope you don't mind!


Claremont First Ward said...

This post made my tear up. YOu amaze me.

Unknown said...

Wow I am amazed at you strength! I just stumbled on your blog I was looking for blogs with big family that lost babies. When I started reading and realized you had lost your husband tear stung my eyes. I can mot imagine the sorrow you must experience. I know from the loss of my baby how deep grief can be.

I read a quote recently that said....When you lose you parent you lose your past when you lose your child you lose your future.--I would add to that-- when you lose your spouse you lose half of yourself. SO sorry for your loss you are doing a great job honoring you superhero!